Sicilia Cuore Del Mediterraneo ets


Sede legale: Via Alcide De Gasperi, 165 -

95126 - Catania (Italy)

CF: 93224130877

Tel / WhatsApp: +39 350 099 7259

Email: info.scdm.ets@gmail.com




Copyright 2018 Sicilia Cuore del Mediterraneo

The association "Sicilia Heart of the Mediterranean" ETS




The association is a not-for-profit and pursues goals of civic, solidarity and social utility, through the conduct, mainly in favour of third parties.


The purpose of the Association is to enhance and raise awareness of the Sicily, for the Sicilians and to the whole world, for our ancient culture, our heritage, our history, our art, our traditions, our customs, our natural landscapes, our gastronomy and the long season.


We organize and manage:

- guided tours, tourist activities and excursions;

- education pathways, tourism and the arts in schools;

- shows, concerts and festivals;

- reviews, essays, events, meetings, debates, competitions, conferences, seminars, educational activities, research, analysis and training as well as online, implementation of workshops and courses on artistic themes and the thematic related to the social purpose.







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